International Tourism and Travel Show (ITTS)

International Tourism and Travel Show (ITTS)

The International Tourism and Travel Show (ITTS) is a beacon in the travel industry, illuminating pathways to global exploration and cultural immersion. As an annual rendezvous in Montreal, Canada, ITTS converges travel aficionados, industry pioneers, and exhibitors from across the globe, facilitating an exchange of insights, trends, and innovations that redefine the contours of modern travel.

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01 - 03 Nov 2024


Toronto , Canada

Event Highlights:

  1. Global Showcase: With over 400 exhibitors from over 100 countries, ITTS transforms into a vibrant mosaic of international destinations, offering attendees a kaleidoscope of travel experiences.
  2. Educational Seminars: Immerse yourself in a world of knowledge with seminars and workshops led by industry experts, covering topics ranging from sustainable tourism practices to emerging travel trends.
  3. Networking Galore: Forge meaningful connections and partnerships during networking events, including business-to-business meetings and industry roundtables, fostering collaborations that transcend borders.
  4. Cultural Extravaganza: Indulge your senses in captivating cultural performances, culinary demonstrations, and interactive displays that celebrate the rich tapestry of global cultures.
  5. Sustainable Travel Focus: Embrace responsible tourism and eco-friendly travel practices showcased by exhibitors committed to preserving the planet’s natural beauty and cultural heritage.
  6. Destination Exploration: Navigate through a labyrinth of travel packages, exclusive deals, and insider tips curated to inspire your next adventure and fulfill your wanderlust desires.
  7. Innovative Technologies: Discover cutting-edge technologies and digital tools revolutionizing the travel landscape, enhancing convenience, and enriching traveler experiences.
  8. Inspiration and Empowerment: Leave ITTS empowered with newfound insights, inspired travel plans, and a deeper appreciation for the transformative power of exploration and cultural exchange.

Why Attend:

  1. Global Networking: Connect with industry peers, travel experts, and potential collaborators worldwide, fostering partnerships that transcend geographical boundaries.
  2. Educational Insights: Gain access to knowledge through seminars, workshops, and keynote presentations delivered by thought leaders and seasoned professionals.
  3. Diverse Exhibitions: Explore a diverse array of international destinations, travel services, and cultural experiences, offering inspiration for your next adventure.
  4. Cultural Immersion: Experience captivating cultural performances, culinary delights, and interactive displays that celebrate the diversity of global cultures.
  5. Sustainability Focus: Engage with exhibitors committed to sustainable tourism practices, which will empower you to make responsible travel choices and minimize your environmental footprint.
  6. Exclusive Deals: Take advantage of exclusive travel packages, deals, and promotions exhibitors offer, ensuring memorable and budget-friendly travel experiences.
  7. Innovation Showcase: Discover the latest technologies and digital solutions shaping the future of travel, enhancing convenience, safety, and personalized experiences.

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