Playtime Paris 2024 Paris France

Playtime Paris 2024 Paris France

Playtime Paris 2024 is not just an exhibition; it’s a vibrant playground where creativity, innovation, and imagination converge to redefine children’s fashion and lifestyle. Held in the heart of Paris, this internationally acclaimed event showcases the latest trends, designs, and innovations in children’s fashion, accessories, toys, and lifestyle products. With its dynamic atmosphere and a curated selection of exhibitors, Playtime Paris promises an inspiring and immersive experience for industry professionals and families.

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29 June - 01 July 2024


Parc Floral de Paris, Paris, France

Event Highlights:

  1. Fashion Showcases: Witness captivating fashion shows featuring the latest collections from top children’s fashion designers and brands, providing insights into upcoming trends and styles.
  2. Designers’ Spaces: Explore dedicated spaces showcasing emerging designers and independent labels, offering unique and original creations that reflect the diversity of children’s fashion.
  3. Trend Spaces: Discover curated trend spaces highlighting the latest themes, colours, and styles shaping the children’s fashion landscape, inspiring retailers and designers.
  4. Innovative Products: Browse a diverse range of innovative products, including clothing, footwear, accessories, toys, furniture, and décor, designed to enhance the lives of children and families.
  5. Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry professionals, buyers, retailers, and influencers worldwide, fostering collaborations and partnerships that drive the industry forward.
  6. Interactive Workshops: Engage in hands-on workshops and activities to stimulate creativity and imagination, encouraging children and parents to explore their artistic talents.
  7. Retailer Resources: Access valuable resources and insights to support retailers in navigating the children’s fashion market, including market reports, trend forecasts, and merchandising tips.
  8. Sustainable Initiatives: Discover sustainable and eco-friendly products and practices promoted by exhibitors committed to reducing their environmental footprint and promoting ethical production.

Why Attend:

  1. Industry Insights: Stay ahead of the curve with insider knowledge and trends shaping the children’s fashion and lifestyle industry, gaining a competitive edge in the market.
  2. Inspiration and Creativity: Immerse yourself in a world of creativity and innovation, drawing inspiration from leading designers, brands, and trendsetters in children’s fashion.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Forge valuable connections with industry peers, buyers, and influencers, expanding your professional network and opening doors to new opportunities.
  4. Product Discovery: Explore a curated selection of products and brands, discovering unique and trend-setting items that cater to children’s and families’ diverse needs and preferences.
  5. Educational Value: Participate in workshops and seminars, learning about industry best practices, sustainability initiatives, and emerging trends that drive positive change.
  6. Family Experience: Enjoy a fun-filled day out with your family, exploring interactive exhibits, engaging in creative activities, and discovering new products and brands that cater to children’s needs and interests.
  7. Global Perspective: Gain a global perspective on children’s fashion and lifestyle trends, connecting with exhibitors and attendees from diverse cultural backgrounds and regions.

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