EMO 2025 Hannover

EMO hannover 2025

EMO Hannover is poised to host its highly anticipated edition in 2025, reaffirming its status as the premier international trade fair for the metalworking industry. With its comprehensive showcase of cutting-edge machinery, tools, and solutions, EMO 2025 promises to provide invaluable insights into the latest developments shaping the future of metalworking and manufacturing.

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22 - 27 Sep 2025


Hannover, Germany

Event Highlights:

  1. Comprehensive Exhibition: Explore a wide range of metalworking machinery, equipment, and technologies presented by leading manufacturers and suppliers from around the world, covering every aspect of metal cutting, forming, and processing, from machining centers and lathes to CNC systems and additive manufacturing solutions.
  2. Industry 4.0 Integration: Experience the integration of Industry 4.0 technologies into metalworking processes, including IoT-enabled machines, digital twin simulations, AI-driven analytics, and smart manufacturing systems, transforming traditional manufacturing into connected, data-driven, and automated production environments.
  3. Additive Manufacturing Innovations: Discover the latest advancements in additive manufacturing (3D printing) technologies, materials, and applications, showcasing the potential of AM for rapid prototyping, customized production, and complex component manufacturing across various industries.
  4. Precision Engineering Solutions: Learn about precision engineering techniques, metrology systems, and quality control processes aimed at achieving high levels of accuracy, repeatability, and surface finish in metalworking operations, ensuring the quality and reliability of machined components.
  5. Tooling and Cutting Solutions: Explore a wide range of cutting tools, tooling systems, and abrasives for metalworking applications designed to optimize cutting performance, tool life, and surface integrity while reducing machining costs and increasing productivity in manufacturing.
  6. Automation and Robotics: Witness the latest advancements in automation and robotics for metalworking, including robotic machining cells, automated workpiece handling systems, and collaborative robots (cobots), enhancing productivity, flexibility, and safety in manufacturing operations.
  7. Networking and Collaboration: Connect with metalworking industry professionals, engineers, and decision-makers through networking events, business meetings, and specialized forums, fostering collaborations, sharing expertise, and exploring new business opportunities in the global metalworking market.
  8. Educational Seminars and Workshops: Participate in educational seminars, workshops, and expert-led panels covering a wide range of topics, including machining technologies, digitalization strategies, workforce development, and market trends, providing valuable insights and practical knowledge for metalworking professionals.

Why Attend:

  1. Access to Leading Suppliers: Meet with leading manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers showcasing the latest metalworking machinery, equipment, and solutions, enabling you to explore new technologies, evaluate product offerings, and source innovative solutions to meet your manufacturing needs.
  2. Stay Informed on Industry Trends: Stay abreast of the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in metalworking and manufacturing, gaining insights into emerging technologies, market developments, and competitive strategies to enhance your manufacturing processes and maintain a competitive edge in the global market.
  3. Networking and Collaboration: Connect with industry professionals, engineers, and decision-makers from around the world, fostering collaborations, sharing knowledge, and building partnerships to address common challenges, exchange expertise, and explore new business opportunities in the metalworking industry.
  4. Learn from Educational Content: Participate in educational seminars, workshops, and expert-led panels covering a wide range of topics, including machining techniques, digitalization strategies, automation solutions, and workforce development initiatives, providing valuable insights, practical knowledge, and actionable strategies for improving your manufacturing operations and performance.
  5. Explore New Technologies: Discover the latest advancements in metalworking technologies, including additive manufacturing, Industry 4.0 integration, precision engineering solutions, and automation innovations, and learn how these technologies can transform your manufacturing processes, improve productivity, and drive business growth in the digital age.
  6. Evaluate Machinery and Equipment: Engage with live demonstrations of metalworking machinery and equipment, allowing you to assess their capabilities, performance, and suitability for your specific manufacturing applications and production requirements, facilitating informed decision-making and investment planning for your business.
  7. Access to International Markets: Explore international markets, trade opportunities, and cross-border collaborations through dedicated pavilions representing countries worldwide, and learn about emerging trends, market demands, and export opportunities to expand your business and reach new customers in global markets.

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