Toy Fair 2025 Nuremberg Germany

toy fair 2025 nuremberg

Toy Fair is the largest international trade fair for toys and games, offering a comprehensive platform for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to showcase their latest products and innovations. Held annually in Nuremberg, Germany, Toy Fair attracts industry professionals from around the world to discover new trends, network, and do business.

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28 January - 01 February 2025


NurnbergMesse GmbH, Nuremberg, Germany

Event Highlights:

  1. Wide Product Range: Explore a vast array of toys and games, including traditional toys, electronic toys, educational toys, games, puzzles, and more.
  2. New Product Launches: Be the first to see and experience the latest product launches and innovations from leading toy manufacturers and brands.
  3. Interactive Exhibits: Engage with interactive exhibits and demonstrations, allowing for hands-on exploration of toys and games and fostering creativity and play.
  4. Trend Showcases: Discover emerging trends and themes in the toy industry through trend showcases and dedicated exhibition areas, providing insights into consumer preferences.
  5. Business Networking: Connect with industry professionals, including manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and licensors, to establish valuable partnerships and collaborations.
  6. Educational Seminars: Attend seminars and workshops covering topics such as toy safety, marketing strategies, and retail trends, enhancing knowledge and skills in the toy business.
  7. Licensing Opportunities: Explore licensing opportunities and partnerships with popular brands and intellectual properties, expanding product offerings and market reach.
  8. International Presence: Network with participants from around the world, gaining insights into global market trends, regulations, and consumer preferences.

Why Attend:

  1. Product Discovery: Discover the latest toys and games from leading manufacturers and brands, gaining insights into emerging trends and consumer preferences.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry peers, suppliers, and potential partners to forge new business relationships and collaborations.
  3. Market Insights: Gain valuable market insights and intelligence through seminars, workshops, and trend showcases, informing strategic decision-making and product development.
  4. Business Development: Explore new business opportunities, including licensing deals, distribution partnerships, and retail collaborations, to expand market reach and revenue streams.
  5. Professional Growth: Enhance knowledge and skills through educational seminars and workshops, staying abreast of industry best practices and regulations.
  6. International Reach: Engage with participants from different countries and regions, gaining a global perspective on the toy market and identifying export and partnership opportunities.
  7. Innovation Showcase: Experience firsthand the latest innovations and technologies in the toy industry, inspiring creativity and innovation in product development and marketing.

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