Turkish Agrofood 2024 Baghdad Iraq

Turkish Agrofood 2024 Baghdad Iraq

Turkish Agrofood 2024 is a prestigious exhibition showcasing the best of Turkish agriculture and food industry. It will take place in Baghdad, Iraq, from [Dates]. This event serves as a platform for Turkish and Iraqi agricultural professionals, food producers, and industry stakeholders to come together, exchange expertise, and explore opportunities for collaboration and growth in the agro-food sector.

Exhibitions Info



Probably May 2024


Baghdad International Fair, Baghdad, Iraq

Event Highlights:

  1. Agricultural Products Exhibition: Explore a diverse range of Turkish agricultural products, including fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses, spices, and herbs, highlighting the rich diversity and quality of Turkish agriculture.
  2. Food Processing Technologies: Discover state-of-the-art food processing and packaging technologies, machinery, and equipment designed to improve food safety, quality, and shelf life.
  3. Agribusiness Networking: Connect with Turkish and Iraqi agribusinesses, producers, exporters, and buyers to explore potential partnerships, trade opportunities, and market expansion strategies.
  4. Gastronomic Delights: Sample and purchase various Turkish food products, including traditional delicacies, snacks, confectionery, beverages, and gourmet specialties, offering a taste of Turkey’s culinary heritage.
  5. Seminars and Workshops: Attend informative seminars, workshops, and presentations on agricultural innovation, sustainable farming practices, food safety standards, and market trends.
  6. Farm-to-Table Initiatives: Learn about farm-to-table initiatives and sustainable agriculture practices that Turkish farmers and producers promote to ensure food security, environmental conservation, and community well-being.
  7. Export Opportunities: Explore export opportunities for Turkish agricultural products and food items in the Iraqi market, facilitated by trade discussions, matchmaking sessions, and business networking events.
  8. Cultural Exchange: Experience Turkish culture, hospitality, and traditions through cultural performances, exhibitions, and culinary demonstrations that showcase Turkey’s vibrant cultural heritage.

Why Attend:

  1. Quality Turkish Products: Access high-quality Turkish agricultural products, food items, and ingredients directly from reputable Turkish producers and suppliers.
  2. Business Networking: Connect with Turkish and Iraqi agribusiness professionals, exporters, importers, and distributors to explore trade opportunities and forge business partnerships.
  3. Market Insights: Gain valuable insights into the Turkish agro-food industry, market trends, consumer preferences, and export potential to make informed business decisions.
  4. Sustainable Farming Practices: Learn about sustainable farming practices, agricultural technologies, and environmental initiatives Turkish farmers and producers promote.
  5. Culinary Experience: Discover the flavors of Turkey through tastings, cooking demonstrations, and gastronomic experiences showcasing the diversity and richness of Turkish cuisine.
  6. Trade Facilitation: Participate in trade discussions, matchmaking sessions, and business meetings to facilitate trade transactions, negotiations, and agreements between Turkish and Iraqi counterparts.
  7. Cultural Exchange: Engage in cultural exchanges, networking events, and activities that promote cross-cultural understanding, cooperation, and friendship between Turkey and Iraq.

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