LTMH Pakistan 2024

LTMH Pakistan 2024

Welcome to LTMH Pakistan 2024, the premier exhibition dedicated to Pakistan’s luxury, textiles, fashion, and home decor industries. As the demand for luxury and lifestyle products continues to rise, LTMH Pakistan provides a unique platform for industry professionals, designers, artisans, and enthusiasts to showcase their craftsmanship, creativity, and innovation.

Exhibitions Info



26 - 28 September 2024


Expo Centre Lahore

Event Highlights:

  1. Luxury Showcase: Explore an exclusive collection of luxury goods, including fashion accessories, jewelry, watches, automobiles, and home decor items.
  2. Textile Exhibition: Discover the richness and diversity of Pakistan’s textile industry, featuring fabrics, apparel, traditional crafts, and embroidery techniques.
  3. Fashion Shows: Experience dazzling fashion shows featuring the latest collections from renowned designers and emerging talents in Pakistan’s fashion industry.
  4. Artisanal Crafts: Celebrate the artistry and heritage of Pakistan’s artisans with exhibits showcasing handcrafted products, traditional techniques, and cultural motifs.
  5. Home Decor Displays: Explore exquisite home decor items, furniture, furnishings, and interior design concepts inspired by Pakistani culture and craftsmanship.
  6. Beauty and Wellness: Indulge in beauty and wellness experiences with exhibits featuring skincare products, spa treatments, and holistic wellness practices.
  7. Culinary Delights: Savor the flavors of Pakistan with culinary showcases, tastings, and demonstrations highlighting the country’s rich culinary heritage and gourmet offerings.
  8. Interactive Workshops: Participants will participate in hands-on workshops, demonstrations, and masterclasses on topics such as fashion design, textile printing, jewelry making, and culinary arts.

Why Attend:

  1. Luxury Experience: Immerse yourself in the world of luxury with exclusive showcases and experiences highlighting the best of fashion, textiles, and home decor.
  2. Fashion Inspiration: Get inspired by fashion shows, designer collections, and trend presentations featuring the latest styles and trends in Pakistan’s fashion industry.
  3. Cultural Celebration: Celebrate Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage with exhibits showcasing traditional crafts, artisanal techniques, and indigenous materials.
  4. Networking: Connect with industry professionals, designers, artisans, and buyers to forge partnerships, collaborations, and business opportunities.
  5. Shopping Extravaganza: Shop for unique, handcrafted items, luxury goods, and designer creations to elevate your style, decor, and lifestyle.
  6. Learning Opportunities: Expand your knowledge and skills through workshops, demonstrations, and talks covering a wide range of topics related to luxury, fashion, textiles, and home decor.
  7. Indulgence: Treat yourself to a day of indulgence with beauty treatments, wellness experiences, culinary delights, and sensory delights that nourish the body, mind, and soul.

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