HELIRUSSIA 2024 Russia

HELIRUSSIA 2024 Russia

HELIRUSSIA 2024 is set to be a pivotal event in the helicopter industry, scheduled to take place in Russia in [16-18 May 2024]. With a focus on showcasing the latest innovations, technologies, and trends in helicopter manufacturing, operations, and services, this exhibition serves as a vital platform for industry professionals, aviation enthusiasts, and stakeholders to converge, collaborate, and drive excellence in the helicopter sector.

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16 - 18 May 2024


CROCUS EXPO, Moscow, Russia

Event Highlights:

  1. Helicopter Showcase: Explore a diverse array of helicopters from leading manufacturers, showcasing the latest models, configurations, and capabilities for various applications, including civil aviation, defense, emergency services, and aerial work.
  2. Avionics and Systems Integration: Discover cutting-edge avionics technologies, flight control systems, navigation aids, and mission equipment, enhancing the safety, performance, and efficiency of modern helicopters across different missions and environments.
  3. Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO): Learn about MRO solutions, aftermarket services, and technical support offerings provided by OEMs, MRO providers, and service centers, ensuring the airworthiness and reliability of helicopter fleets worldwide.
  4. Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS): Delve into the realm of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and rotorcraft, including drones, UAVs, and VTOL platforms, and their applications in surveillance, reconnaissance, logistics, and aerial services.
  5. Search and Rescue Operations: Engage in discussions on search and rescue (SAR) operations, emergency medical services (EMS), firefighting, and disaster relief missions, and explore the role of helicopters in saving lives and protecting communities.
  6. Training and Simulation: Experience advanced training and simulation technologies for helicopter pilots, crew members, and maintenance personnel, including flight simulators, virtual reality (VR) training systems, and scenario-based training programs.
  7. Helicopter Finance and Leasing: Explore financing options, leasing arrangements, and investment opportunities for acquiring, operating, and maintaining helicopters, and navigate the complexities of helicopter asset management and fleet optimization.
  8. Industry Networking and Events: Participate in industry forums, networking receptions, and business meetings with key stakeholders, government officials, and industry leaders, fostering collaboration and partnership opportunities in the helicopter industry.

Why Attend:

  1. Access to Leading Manufacturers: Connect with leading helicopter manufacturers, OEMs, suppliers, and service providers and explore their latest products, technologies, and services firsthand.
  2. Technical Expertise: Learn from industry experts, helicopter pilots, engineers, and operators through educational seminars, technical presentations, and hands-on demonstrations covering a wide range of topics in helicopter technology and operations.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Expand your professional network, forge strategic partnerships, and exchange ideas with peers, colleagues, and industry influencers from around the world, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  4. Product Innovation: Stay abreast of the latest product innovations, trends, and technologies driving advancements in helicopter design, performance, and mission capabilities, and discover new opportunities for differentiation and value creation.
  5. Business Development: Showcase your products, services, and capabilities to a targeted audience of potential customers, partners, and investors, and explore new markets, channels, and business opportunities for growth and expansion.
  6. Industry Insights: Gain valuable insights into market dynamics, regulatory developments, and emerging challenges and opportunities in the global helicopter market, and position your organization for success in a rapidly evolving industry landscape.
  7. Professional Growth: Enhance your knowledge, skills, and competencies through hands-on learning experiences, technical workshops, and training programs tailored to the needs of helicopter industry professionals and enthusiasts.

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