Textillegprom 2024 Moscow, Russia

textillegprom 2024 moscow russia

Textillegprom 2024 Moscow Russia stands as a cornerstone event in the textile and garment industry, offering a comprehensive platform for professionals and enthusiasts to explore the latest trends, innovations, and developments in textiles, fashion, and apparel manufacturing. With a rich legacy of promoting excellence and creativity, Textillegprom catalyses growth, innovation, and collaboration within the textile sector.

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27 February - 01 March 2024


VDHH Ekspo, Moscow, Russia

Event Highlights:

  1. Fabric Showcases: Explore an extensive array of fabrics and textiles worldwide, featuring various materials, textures, colours, and patterns, catering to diverse tastes and preferences across fashion, home textiles, and technical textiles.
  2. Fashion Shows: Experience the latest trends and collections from emerging and established fashion designers through captivating fashion shows and runway presentations, showcasing the creativity and innovation of the textile and apparel industry.
  3. Textile Machinery Expo: Discover cutting-edge textile machinery, equipment, and technology solutions designed to enhance productivity, efficiency, and quality across various stages of textile manufacturing, from spinning and weaving to dyeing and finishing.
  4. Sustainable Textiles Pavilion: Learn about sustainable and eco-friendly textile practices, materials, and initiatives through dedicated exhibits, seminars, and showcases highlighting innovations in sustainable fashion, circular economy, and responsible production.
  5. Textile Design Competitions: Celebrate creativity and talent in textile design through design competitions and exhibitions featuring innovative and original textile designs, patterns, and concepts from emerging designers and students.
  6. Textile Technology Seminars: Gain insights into the latest advancements in textile technology, digital printing, automation, and intelligent textiles through seminars, workshops, and presentations led by industry experts and technology providers.
  7. Fashion Retail Forums: Participate in discussions and forums focusing on the future of fashion retail, e-commerce trends, consumer behaviour, and marketing strategies, providing valuable insights for fashion retailers and brands navigating the digital landscape.
  8. Networking Events: Connect with industry peers, designers, buyers, and suppliers through networking events, business matchmaking sessions, and social gatherings to foster collaboration, partnerships, and business opportunities.

Why Attend:

  1. Fashion Inspiration: Draw inspiration from the latest trends, collections, and designs showcased at Textillegprom, providing valuable insights and ideas for fashion designers, retailers, and enthusiasts.
  2. Business Opportunities: Explore new business opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations with leading textile manufacturers, designers, suppliers, and technology providers worldwide.
  3. Textile Innovation: Stay abreast of the latest advancements in textile technology, machinery, and materials through product showcases, demonstrations, and technology seminars, helping to drive innovation and efficiency in textile manufacturing.
  4. Sustainable Solutions: Learn about sustainable and eco-friendly textile practices, materials, and initiatives that can help reduce environmental impact and promote responsible production and consumption in the fashion industry.
  5. Networking and Connections: Network with industry professionals, designers, buyers, and suppliers to build valuable relationships, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations and partnerships within the textile and fashion industry.
  6. Market Insights: Gain valuable market insights, trends, and forecasts that can inform strategic decision-making and business planning within the textile and apparel sector, helping to identify emerging opportunities and mitigate risks.
  7. Fashion Education: Participate in educational seminars, workshops, and design competitions to enhance your knowledge, skills, and creativity in textile design, fashion merchandising, and apparel manufacturing.

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