LEAP Saudi Arabia 2024

LEAP 2024

LEAP Saudi Arabia 2024 is a leading event focused on innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology. It serves as a platform for startups, investors, industry leaders, and policymakers to come together, exchange ideas, and drive the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Saudi Arabia. The event aims to foster collaboration, investment, and knowledge sharing to support the development of innovative solutions and drive economic growth.

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4 – 7 March 2024


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Event Highlights:

  1. Startup Showcase and Pitch Competitions: LEAP Saudi Arabia features a startup showcase where emerging ventures can present their products, services, and business models to potential investors, partners, and customers. Pitch competitions allow startups to win funding, mentorship, and exposure to accelerate their growth.


  2. Investor Networking and Funding Opportunities: The event brings together investors, venture capitalists, angel investors, and corporate partners interested in supporting innovative startups. Networking sessions, investor pitches, and matchmaking events facilitate connections and funding opportunities for entrepreneurs.


  3. Panel Discussions and Keynote Presentations: Industry experts, thought leaders and successful entrepreneurs share their insights, experiences, and best practices through panel discussions, fireside chats, and keynote presentations. Topics may include innovation trends, investment strategies, market opportunities, and startup success stories.


  4. Entrepreneurship Workshops and Training: LEAP Saudi Arabia offers workshops, training sessions, and masterclasses to equip entrepreneurs with essential skills, knowledge, and resources to build successful startups. Topics may cover business strategy, product development, marketing, fundraising, and legal considerations.


  5. Industry Collaboration and Partnerships: The event facilitates collaboration and partnerships between startups, corporations, government entities, and academic institutions. Collaboration opportunities include joint ventures, research partnerships, technology transfer agreements, and corporate innovation programs.


  6. Technology Showcases and Demos: LEAP Saudi Arabia showcases cutting-edge technologies, innovations, and solutions across various sectors, including AI, blockchain, IoT, cybersecurity, health tech, and renewable energy. Attendees can explore technology demos, prototypes, and emerging future trends.


  7. Policy Dialogues and Regulatory Support: Policymakers and government representatives participate in policy dialogues and regulatory discussions to address challenges and create an enabling environment for entrepreneurship and innovation. The event may also feature announcements of initiatives, incentives, and support programs for startups.

Why Attend:

  1. Access to Funding and Resources: Access funding opportunities, investor networks, and support resources to accelerate your startup’s growth and scale your business.


  2. Networking and Collaboration: Network with industry peers, investors, mentors, and potential partners to build relationships, seek collaborations, and explore business opportunities.


  3. Learning and Development: Through workshops, panels, and presentations, you can learn from industry experts, successful entrepreneurs, and mentors, acquiring valuable insights and skills to enhance your entrepreneurial journey.


  4. Exposure and Visibility: Showcase your startup, products, and innovations to a diverse audience of investors, corporates, media, and industry professionals, gaining visibility and recognition for your brand.


  5. Market Insights and Trends: Stay updated on market trends, emerging technologies, and industry developments, positioning your startup to capitalize on new opportunities and address evolving market needs.


  6. Government Engagement and Support: Engage with policymakers, regulators, and government agencies to understand policies, regulations, and support programs available for startups, ensuring compliance and accessing relevant incentives.


  7. Inspiration and Motivation: Draw inspiration and motivation from the success stories, experiences, and achievements shared by fellow entrepreneurs, mentors, and industry leaders, fueling your passion and determination to succeed.

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