Saudi Agriculture 2024

saudi agriculture 2024

Saudi Agriculture is a prominent exhibition that serves as a pivotal platform for the agricultural sector in Saudi Arabia. It brings together key stakeholders, including farmers, agribusinesses, suppliers, manufacturers, and policymakers, to showcase the latest innovations, technologies, and solutions in agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, and food production.

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21 Oct – 24 Oct 2024


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Event Highlights:

  1. Exhibition of Agricultural Products and Technologies: Saudi Agriculture features a comprehensive exhibition showcasing a wide range of agricultural products, machinery, equipment, and technologies. Exhibitors display innovations in crop cultivation, irrigation systems, greenhouse technologies, livestock management, and post-harvest handling.


  2. Crop Cultivation and Farming Practices: The expo focuses on crop cultivation and farming practices and highlights advancements in seed technology, soil management, pest control, and precision agriculture. Attendees can explore modern farming techniques, sustainable practices, and crop varieties tailored to the Saudi agricultural landscape.


  3. Livestock Farming and Animal Health: The event covers livestock farming, animal health, and veterinary services. It features exhibits on livestock breeds, feed additives, veterinary pharmaceuticals, and farm management solutions. Participants can learn about animal welfare standards, disease prevention, and biosecurity measures to optimize livestock production.


  4. Agrochemicals and Fertilizers: Saudi Agriculture showcases agrochemicals, fertilizers, and crop protection products essential for optimizing agricultural productivity and yields. Exhibitors present innovative formulations, organic alternatives, and integrated pest management solutions to support sustainable crop production and soil health.


  5. Agribusiness and Value-Added Products: The expo highlights agribusiness opportunities and value-added products derived from agricultural raw materials. Entrepreneurs and investors can explore processing technologies, food packaging solutions, and market opportunities for agricultural commodities and specialty crops.


  6. Horticulture and Landscape Design: With a focus on horticulture and landscape design, Saudi Agriculture presents ornamental plants, landscaping services, garden accessories, and urban greening solutions. Visitors can discover trends in ornamental gardening, urban agriculture, and green infrastructure development for sustainable urban environments.


  7. Industry Seminars and Workshops: The expo hosts industry seminars, workshops, and technical sessions featuring experts, researchers, and practitioners sharing insights and best practices on agricultural innovation, food security, water management, and agribusiness development.

Why Attend:

  1. Discover the Latest Agricultural Innovations: Discover the latest innovations, technologies, and solutions shaping the agricultural industry in Saudi Arabia, gaining insights into new trends and practices that can enhance productivity, efficiency, and sustainability on the farm.


  2. Connect with Industry Professionals: Connect with industry professionals, suppliers, manufacturers, and policymakers in the agricultural sector, building relationships and partnerships that can drive business growth, collaboration, and knowledge exchange.


  3. Explore Business Opportunities: Explore business opportunities in the agricultural value chain, from farm inputs and machinery to processing and distribution, identifying potential partners, suppliers, and markets for farm products and services.


  4. Stay Informed on Market Trends: Stay informed on market trends, regulatory developments, and consumer preferences influencing the agricultural industry to ensure that you remain competitive and adaptable in a dynamic market environment.


  5. Attend Educational Sessions: Attend educational sessions and technical workshops to deepen your knowledge and skills in agronomy, livestock management, agribusiness management, and sustainable agriculture practices, gaining valuable insights from industry experts and researchers.


  6. Source Products and Services: Source agricultural products, machinery, equipment, and services from leading suppliers and manufacturers, evaluating offerings and solutions that meet your specific needs and objectives for farm operations and agribusiness ventures.


  7. Contribute to Food Security: Contribute to food security and sustainable development goals by supporting initiatives and technologies that enhance agricultural productivity, resilience, and livelihoods in Saudi Arabia and the broader region.

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