Saudi Rehab Expo 2024

saudi rehab expo 2024

Saudi Rehab Expo 2024 is a premier event focused on rehabilitation, disability care, and assistive technology in Saudi Arabia. It provides a platform for professionals, caregivers, individuals with disabilities, and industry stakeholders to explore the latest advancements, products, and services in rehabilitation and disability care. The expo aims to promote inclusivity, accessibility, and improved quality of life for individuals with disabilities across Saudi Arabia.

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26 – 28 May 2024


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Event Highlights:

  1. Exhibition of Rehabilitation Products and Services: Saudi Rehab Expo features an extensive exhibition showcasing a wide range of rehabilitation products, assistive devices, mobility aids, and healthcare services. Exhibitors include manufacturers, distributors, healthcare providers, and service organizations offering solutions for physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and other rehabilitation disciplines.


  2. Assistive Technology Showcase: The expo highlights the latest advancements in assistive technology designed to enhance independence and functionality for individuals with disabilities. Attendees can explore innovative solutions such as prosthetics, orthotics, mobility devices, communication aids, sensory aids, and smart home technologies tailored to different disabilities.


  3. Rehabilitation Equipment and Facilities: Exhibitors showcase state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment, therapeutic devices, exercise machines, and adaptive sports equipment. Visitors can learn about the latest trends in rehabilitation equipment design, ergonomics, and usability and access information on setting up rehabilitation facilities and clinics.


  4. Educational Workshops and Seminars: Saudi Rehab Expo offers workshops, seminars, and panel discussions led by experts in rehabilitation medicine, therapy, and assistive technology. Topics may include advancements in rehabilitation research, best practices in disability care, inclusive education strategies, and improving accessibility in public spaces.


  5. Inclusive Design and Accessibility Solutions: The expo emphasizes the importance of inclusive design and accessibility in built environments, transportation systems, and digital interfaces. Exhibitors showcase accessible design solutions, universal design principles, barrier-free architecture, and assistive technologies that promote full participation and equal access for individuals with disabilities.


  6. Professional Networking Opportunities: The event provides ample networking opportunities for rehabilitation professionals, caregivers, educators, policymakers, and representatives from disability advocacy organizations. Participants can exchange knowledge, share experiences, and forge collaborations to enhance rehabilitation services and support systems in Saudi Arabia.


  7. Community Engagement and Awareness: Saudi Rehab Expo promotes community engagement and awareness-building initiatives to foster a more inclusive society for individuals with disabilities. Interactive exhibits, demonstrations, and outreach programs raise awareness about disability rights, inclusion practices, and available support services within local communities.

Why Attend:

  1. Discover Cutting-Edge Solutions: Explore the latest rehabilitation products, assistive technologies, and healthcare services designed to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities, gaining insights into innovative solutions and treatment modalities.


  2. Expand Professional Knowledge: Attend educational workshops, seminars, and presentations led by experts in rehabilitation medicine and assistive technology, acquiring new skills, best practices, and evidence-based approaches to enhance your professional expertise.


  3. Connect with Industry Leaders: Network with industry leaders, rehabilitation professionals, healthcare providers, and assistive technology experts, fostering collaborations and partnerships to advance rehabilitation and disability care initiatives in Saudi Arabia.


  4. Source Products and Services: Source quality rehabilitation products, assistive devices, and healthcare services from exhibitors showcasing their offerings at the expo, finding solutions that meet the specific needs of your patients, clients, or organization.


  5. Stay informed about policy developments, regulations, and initiatives related to disability rights, rehabilitation services, and accessibility standards in Saudi Arabia, contributing to advocacy efforts and policy discussions.


  6. Empower Individuals with Disabilities: By attending Saudi Rehab Expo, you contribute to empowering individuals with disabilities, promoting their independence, autonomy, and participation in society, and advocating for their rights and dignity.



  7. Be Part of a Growing Community: Join a diverse community of professionals, caregivers, individuals with disabilities, and advocates committed to promoting inclusivity, accessibility, and improved quality of life for individuals with disabilities in Saudi Arabia.

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