IDEX Abu Dhabi 2025, UAE


IDEX (International Defence Exhibition & Conference) is a prominent event held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, focusing on defense and security technology. It serves as a global platform for defense industry stakeholders, including manufacturers, suppliers, government officials, and military leaders, to showcase the latest innovations, products, and solutions in the defense and security sector.

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17 - 21 February 2025


Abu Dubai, UAE

Event Highlights:

  1. Exhibition of Defense Equipment: IDEX features an extensive exhibition showcasing a wide array of defense equipment, including armored vehicles, aircraft, naval vessels, firearms, ammunition, and communication systems. Exhibitors from around the world present cutting-edge technologies and solutions tailored for military and security applications.

  2. Live Demonstrations & Static Displays: Live demonstrations and static displays provide attendees with the opportunity to witness the performance and capabilities of various defense systems in action. From land-based combat simulations to aerial displays and naval exercises, exhibitors showcase the effectiveness and versatility of their products across different scenarios.

  3. Military Delegations & Government Officials: IDEX attracts military delegations, government officials, and defense procurement agencies from numerous countries, offering a platform for networking, collaboration, and bilateral discussions. High-level meetings, forums, and briefings facilitate dialogue on defense cooperation, technology transfer, and strategic partnerships.

  4. Industry Conferences & Seminars: Concurrent conferences, seminars, and technical sessions cover a wide range of topics related to defense technology, strategy, and innovation. Expert speakers and panelists discuss emerging trends, operational challenges, and future developments in defense and security, providing valuable insights to attendees.

  5. Security & Counterterrorism Solutions: In addition to conventional defense equipment, IDEX showcases security and counterterrorism solutions, including surveillance systems, border control technologies, cybersecurity solutions, and counter-IED (Improvised Explosive Device) measures. Exhibitors present comprehensive security solutions to address evolving threats and challenges.

Why Attend:

  1. Access to Leading Defense Suppliers: Gain access to leading defense suppliers, manufacturers, and technology providers, showcasing the latest innovations and solutions in the defense and security sector.

  2. Witness Cutting-Edge Technologies: Witness live demonstrations and static displays of cutting-edge defense equipment, aircraft, naval vessels, and other military hardware, experiencing firsthand their capabilities and performance.

  3. Networking with Industry Leaders: Network with industry leaders, government officials, military decision-makers, and defense procurement agencies, fostering collaborations, partnerships, and business opportunities in the global defense market.

  4. Stay Informed on Defense Trends: Stay informed about defense trends, technological advancements, and strategic developments shaping the future of defense and security, gaining insights from expert speakers and thought leaders.

  5. Explore Security Solutions: Explore security solutions, counterterrorism measures, and homeland security technologies to address evolving threats and challenges in the modern security landscape.

  6. Participate in High-Level Meetings: Participate in high-level meetings, forums, and briefings with military delegations, government officials, and defense industry executives, discussing defense cooperation, procurement strategies, and defense modernization initiatives.

  7. Contribute to National Security: Contribute to national security efforts by evaluating state-of-the-art defense equipment, systems, and technologies, supporting the modernization and enhancement of defense capabilities.

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