Leading Emiratisation 2024 UAE

Leading Emiratisation 2024 UAE

Leading Emiratisation 2024 is a prestigious event in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that promotes Emirati employment and empowers national talent across various industries. Organized by key stakeholders in collaboration with government agencies and private sector partners, this event aims to drive Emiratisation initiatives, foster job creation for UAE nationals, and support the development of a skilled Emirati workforce.

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19 - 21 November 2024


Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, UAE

Event Highlights:

  1. Emiratisation Strategy & Policies: Leading Emiratisation 2024 provides insights into national Emiratisation strategies, policies, and initiatives aimed at increasing UAE nationals’ participation in the workforce. Key government officials and policymakers discuss measures to promote Emirati employment and address talent development and retention challenges.
  2. Employer Engagement & Best Practices: The event facilitates engagement between employers and Emirati job seekers, showcasing best practices in Emiratisation and highlighting successful initiatives by leading organizations. Employers share their experiences, challenges, and strategies for recruiting, training, and retaining Emirati talent.
  3. Career Development & Training Programs: Leading Emiratisation 2024 features workshops, seminars, and career development sessions designed to enhance the skills, employability, and career prospects of Emirati job seekers. Training providers, educational institutions, and vocational centers offer insights into skill development programs and training opportunities.
  4. Job Fairs & Recruitment Drives: Job fairs, recruitment drives, and networking sessions connect Emirati job seekers with employers from various industries seeking to recruit local talent. Participating companies showcase job opportunities, internships, and career pathways, providing Emiratis with diverse employment options.
  5. Entrepreneurship & Small Business Support: Leading Emiratisation 2024 promotes entrepreneurship and small business development among UAE nationals. It offers resources, mentorship, and funding opportunities for aspiring Emirati entrepreneurs. Start-up showcases, business competitions, and entrepreneurship forums encourage Emiratis to pursue business ventures and innovation.
  6. Industry-Specific Focus Areas: The event includes industry-specific forums, workshops, and panel discussions addressing Emiratisation challenges and opportunities in key sectors such as banking and finance, healthcare, technology, tourism, and government services. Industry leaders share insights and strategies for promoting Emirati talent in their respective fields.
  7. Recognition & Awards: Leading Emiratisation 2024 recognizes organizations, individuals, and initiatives that have demonstrated outstanding commitment to Emiratisation and the development of UAE nationals in the workforce. Award ceremonies celebrate excellence in Emiratisation leadership, innovation, and impact.

Why Attend:

  1. Explore Emiratisation Opportunities: Explore job opportunities, internships, and career pathways available to Emirati job seekers across various industries, gaining insights into the job market and career prospects for UAE nationals.
  2. Connect with Employers & Recruiters: Connect with employers, recruiters, and HR professionals from leading organizations seeking to hire and develop Emirati talent, expanding your professional network and accessing employment opportunities tailored to UAE nationals.
  3. Enhance Employability Skills: Participate in workshops, training sessions, and career development programs designed to enhance your skills, competencies, and employability, preparing you for success in the job market and advancing your career aspirations.
  4. Learn from Industry Experts: Learn from industry experts, mentors, and Emirati leaders who share their insights, experiences, and advice on navigating the job market, building a successful career, and contributing to the growth of the UAE economy.
  5. Explore Entrepreneurship Opportunities: Explore entrepreneurship opportunities, start-up support services, and funding options available to Emirati entrepreneurs, gaining inspiration and guidance to launch and grow your business ventures.
  6. Stay Informed on Emiratisation policies: Stay informed on Emiratisation policies, initiatives, and regulations that impact UAE nationals in the workforce. Understand your rights, benefits, and opportunities for career advancement and professional development.
  7. Celebrate Emirati Success Stories: Celebrate Emirati success stories and achievements in the workforce, recognizing individuals, organizations, and initiatives that have significantly contributed to Emiratisation and the development of UAE national talent.

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