NAVDEX 2024 Abu Dhabi, UAE

NAVDEX 2025 Abu Dhabi UAE

NAVDEX 2025 in Abu Dhabi, UAE, is a premier naval defense and maritime security exhibition and conference held alongside the International Defence Exhibition & Conference (IDEX). It serves as a global platform for naval professionals, maritime industry stakeholders, defense manufacturers, and government officials to showcase the latest naval technologies, discuss maritime security challenges, and explore opportunities for collaboration in the maritime domain.


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17 - 21 February 2025


Abu Dhabi, UAE

Event Highlights:

  1. Exhibition of Naval Defense Technologies: NAVDEX features an extensive exhibition showcasing a wide range of naval defense technologies, including naval vessels, submarines, surface combatants, maritime surveillance systems, uncrewed maritime vehicles, and naval weapons systems. Exhibitors from around the world present their latest innovations and capabilities in naval defense.

  2. Live Demonstrations & Static Displays: Live demonstrations and static displays allow attendees to witness the performance and capabilities of naval vessels, equipment, and systems in real-world scenarios. From ship maneuverability to missile launches and anti-piracy drills, exhibitors showcase their products and solutions in action to potential buyers and stakeholders.

  3. Maritime Security Conferences & Workshops: Concurrent maritime security conferences, workshops, and technical sessions address key issues and trends in maritime security, including piracy, terrorism, illegal trafficking, and maritime domain awareness. Experts and practitioners share insights, strategies, and best practices for safeguarding maritime interests and ensuring maritime security.

  4. Naval Technology Innovation Hub: NAVDEX serves as a hub for naval technology innovation, showcasing cutting-edge solutions in areas such as naval propulsion, stealth technology, autonomous systems, underwater warfare, and naval communication systems. Attendees can explore advancements that enhance naval capabilities and operational effectiveness.

  5. Naval Procurement & Modernization: The event provides opportunities for naval procurement and modernization, with government delegations, defense ministries, and naval procurement agencies exploring potential acquisitions, partnerships, and technology transfers with leading defense manufacturers and suppliers. Exhibitors present solutions tailored to naval modernization requirements.

Why Attend:

  1. Explore Naval Technologies: Explore the latest naval technologies, equipment, and systems showcased by leading defense manufacturers and suppliers, gaining insights into advancements that enhance naval capabilities and operational effectiveness.

  2. Engage with Industry Experts: Engage with naval experts, defense officials, and industry leaders through conferences, workshops, and technical sessions, learning about key trends, challenges, and strategies in naval defense and maritime security.

  3. Witness Live Demonstrations: Witness live demonstrations and static displays of naval vessels, equipment, and systems, experiencing firsthand their performance, capabilities, and potential applications in maritime operations.

  4. Stay Informed on Maritime Security: Stay informed about maritime security challenges, threats, and solutions through expert discussions and presentations, enhancing your understanding of the evolving maritime security landscape.

  5. Network with International Navies: Network with international navies, defense delegations, and industry stakeholders, fostering international cooperation, interoperability, and collaboration in maritime security operations and naval modernization efforts.

  6. Identify Procurement Opportunities: Identify procurement opportunities and potential partnerships with leading defense manufacturers and suppliers, exploring solutions that meet your naval modernization requirements and operational needs.

  7. Contribute to Maritime Security: Contribute to efforts to enhance maritime security and safeguard maritime interests by leveraging the knowledge, insights, and networking opportunities available at NAVDEX to strengthen naval capabilities and collaboration in the maritime domain.

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