North Africa South Asia's Startup 2024 UAE

North Africa South Asia s Startup 2024 UAE

North Africa South Asia’s Startup 2024 (NASS) in UAE is a dynamic platform that brings together startups, investors, entrepreneurs, and industry experts from the North and South Asia regions. This event catalyzes innovation, collaboration, and investment in the startup ecosystem, providing opportunities for networking, pitching, and showcasing groundbreaking ideas and ventures.

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Probably October 2024


Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE

Event Highlights:

  1. Startup Expo & Showcase: NASS features a vibrant startup expo and showcase where emerging ventures from North Africa and South Asia present their innovative products, services, and solutions. Attendees can explore diverse sectors such as technology, e-commerce, fintech, healthcare, and sustainability, discovering new and disruptive startups.
  2. Investor Pitch Sessions: The event offers curated investor pitch sessions where startups can pitch their ideas and business models to a panel of investors, venture capitalists, and angel investors. These sessions facilitate funding opportunities and potential partnerships for startups seeking investment.
  3. Entrepreneurship Workshops & Mentorship: NASS organizes workshops and mentorship programs led by experienced entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and mentors. These sessions provide startup founders with valuable guidance, insights, and practical advice on various aspects of business development, growth strategies, and market entry.
  4. Networking & Collaboration: Networking sessions, roundtable discussions, and industry meetups create opportunities for startups to connect with potential collaborators, partners, and mentors. Attendees can exchange ideas, share experiences, and build relationships that foster collaboration and growth in the startup ecosystem.
  5. Innovation Challenges & Hackathons: Innovation challenges and hackathons encourage creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration among startups, developers, and innovators. Participants work together to tackle real-world challenges and develop innovative solutions, with opportunities to win prizes, recognition, and support for further development.
  6. Industry Insights & Trends: Keynote speeches, panel discussions, and industry talks provide insights into emerging trends, market opportunities, and regulatory landscapes in the startup ecosystem. Experts share their knowledge and expertise, helping startups stay informed and navigate the complexities of building a successful venture.
  7. Pitch Competitions & Awards: Pitch competitions and awards recognize outstanding startups, innovative ideas, and impactful solutions that demonstrate potential for growth and scalability. Winning startups receive recognition, media coverage, and access to mentorship and support services to accelerate their growth journey.

Why Attend:

  1. Discover Emerging Startups: Discover emerging startups from North Africa and South Asia across various sectors, uncovering innovative ideas, products, and solutions that have the potential to disrupt industries and create a positive impact.
  2. Connect with Investors & Mentors: Connect with investors, mentors, and industry experts who can provide guidance, support, and funding opportunities to fuel the growth of your startup venture.
  3. Learn from Industry Leaders: Learn from experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders through workshops, mentorship sessions, and panel discussions, gaining insights and knowledge to navigate the startup journey successfully.
  4. Expand Your Network: Expand your network by connecting with fellow entrepreneurs, potential collaborators, and industry stakeholders, building relationships that can lead to partnerships, collaborations, and business opportunities.
  5. Pitch Your Idea: Pitch your startup idea or business model to a panel of investors and judges, gaining valuable feedback, exposure, and potential investment opportunities to accelerate your growth and scale your venture.
  6. Stay Updated on Trends: Stay updated on the latest trends, innovations, and market opportunities in the startup ecosystem, positioning yourself to capitalize on emerging trends and stay ahead of the competition.
  7. Gain Recognition & Validation: Gain recognition and validation for your startup through pitch competitions, awards, and industry accolades, enhancing your credibility and visibility in the startup community and beyond.

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