NRA Annual Meeting 2024

NRA Annual Meeting 2024

The NRA Annual Meeting 2024 will be a pivotal event for the firearms industry and Second Amendment advocates in Indianapolis, Indiana. This annual gathering brings together members of the National Rifle Association (NRA), gun enthusiasts, manufacturers, and policymakers for a weekend of exhibitions, meetings, and educational sessions. The NRA Annual Meeting is one of the most significant events in the United States, offering a mix of political discussions, product showcases, and social events. The 2024 meeting is expected to attract over 80,000 attendees and more than 800 exhibitors, making it a significant event for those invested in the rights and responsibilities of gun ownership.

Exhibitions Info



17 - 19 May 2024


Dallas , USA

Event Highlights:

  1. Exhibit Hall: Featuring the latest firearms, ammunition, and accessories from leading manufacturers.
  2. Leadership Forum: Hosting speeches from prominent political figures, NRA leadership, and influential advocates for gun rights.
  3. Seminars and Workshops: Covering topics such as firearm safety, self-defence, and the legal aspects of gun ownership.
  4. Youth Day: Special events and activities for young NRA members and their families.
  5. Women’s Leadership Forum: Focused on empowering women in the firearms community.
  6. NRA Foundation Banquet: A fundraising event supporting the future of shooting sports.
  7. Competitions and Demonstrations: Live demonstrations and shooting competitions.
  8. Networking Events: Opportunities to connect with fellow NRA members, industry professionals, and political leaders.

Why Attend:

  1. Product Access: Direct access to the latest products and innovations in the firearms industry.
  2. Political Engagement: Opportunities to engage with political leaders and advocacy groups.
  3. Educational Resources: Educational resources on a wide range of topics related to gun ownership.
  4. Community Building: Networking with like-minded individuals and industry professionals.
  5. Youth Involvement: Special activities designed to engage younger members and their families.
  6. Women’s Focus: Dedicated sessions and forums for women in the firearms community.
  7. Fundraising: Participate in events supporting the future of shooting sports.

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